The MicroHE project started in 2018, with the aim to provide the most comprehensive policy analysis yet conducted of the impact of modularisation, unbundling and micro-credentialing in European Higher Education. Its expected impact was to increase the quality and quantity of micro-credentials on offer within the European Higher Education Areaas well as enable recognition of those same credentials by different educational organizations and employers 

The MICROBOL project started in 2020. The project aims to check whether existing Bologna tools are fit for micro-credentials and/or propose changes for adaptations on European level, and will set up recommendations and a European Framework for micro-credentials in the EHEA. Through this project national governments are encouraged and guided to include issues related to micro-credentials on their policy agenda 

Considering the similar aims and goals of both projects, and noticing an overlap between the people working on the topic of microcredentials, MicroHE and MICROBOL decided to join forces and combine their websites. Thus, providing a single portal for partners, experts and everyone interested in micro-credentials to find information and resources about both projects.  

Please find all the MICROBOL partners and experts, and the MicroHE partners in the right-hand sidebar.