Article published: “Starting points for recognition of micro-credentials”

The report of the recent survey on micro-credentials and the Bologna Key Commitments conducted by the MICROBOL project, have been published amongst increasing interest in micro-credentials from the media, Ministries, Higher Education Institutions and Agencies alike.

On the website of University World News, a recent article, Starting points for recognition of micro-credentials, details the background of  report and its outcomes. The University World News is the first high-quality truly international newspaper and website for Higher Education.

The report, Micro-credentials and Bologna Key Commitments: State of play in the European Higher Education Area, tried to answer questions like, what is the state of play of micro-credentials in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)? What is the current level of development, uptake and acceptance? Are they regulated? Do policies for their quality assurance, recognition, and references to national qualifications frameworks exist?

The survey and its report will contribute further to the discussion surrounding the role of micro-credentials and their link to the Bologna Key Commitments.