Lake Bled, Slovenia

An expert consultation about the impacts and future of micro-credentialing will take place in Bled, Slovenia on 24-25 October.

The Digital Credentials Masterclass will bring together key experts on the subject. Their input will fuel the discussion on the future development of micro-credentialing in the coming 5 to 10 years and its impact on various aspects related to education in Europe, such as access to education, development and information on learning opportunities, programme delivery, quality assurance, recognition or credit transfer and accumulation.

The four thematic areas explored will be:

Theme 1: Micro-Credentials in the Future European Policy Landscape
Theme 2: Technology powering the future of micro-credentials
Theme 3: Impact of Micro-Credentials on Institutional Processes and Governance
Theme 4: Impact of micro-credentials on new learner paradigms

Each theme will open with short presentations focusing on future perspectives, which will be followed by small group discussions. Each theme will close with a set of future statements.