The International Micro-Credentials Summit gathered thought leaders, practitioners, innovators and policymakers working to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of educational systems. It laid out a vision around empowerment of individuals to create new learning and career pathways as well as to unlock the potential of our economies to transform to meet unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges. Inspired by the success of its last edition – the MicroHE MasterClass – the Summit built on the European Union Council Recommendation on a European Approach to Micro-Credentials, finding ways to use this legislative basis as an instrument to accelerate adoption, acceptance and recognition of short-form education across the continent and beyond.

The International Micro-Credentials Summit consists of five main tracks:

Micro-Credential Labs Track 

Groups of researchers and practitioners working on micro-credentialing projects will further develop their ideas within ongoing work-streams. Each lab is restricted to members or invitees of the respective project. 

European Digital Education Hub Track

Digital education experts, within the context of the European Digital Education Hub, will discuss the digital implications of micro-credentials. For further information on EDEH workshops, reach out to

Micro-Credentials Masterclass Track       

Leading experts in micro-credentialing will give short, inspiring speeches on their work, and share their vision of what is next.  

Declaration Track 

A roadmap of what needs to happen next to accelerate high quality micro-credentialing will be drafted together with the Masterclass participants.  

National Seminar Track 

A gathering of Catalan and Spanish Experts, to discuss Micro-credentials in a national context.

The themes of the event include:

Strategic Leadership:

  • How to use policy instruments to widen access to education, training and employment via micro-credentials?
  • How to target micro-credentials policies for maximum impact to citizens?
  • How to define and measure success of micro-credential policies?
Digital Transformation:
  • What demands do micro-credentials make of our digital educational infrastructure, and how to meet them?
  • What emerging standards and technologies support micro-credentialing, and what is still needed?
Recognition & Interoperability
  • What does the labour market require to recognize micro-credentials as relevant?
  • How do we bridge gaps between traditional academic concepts of recognition and automatic recognition?
  • Can a trust network for micro-credentials be constructed? What is needed to do so?
Micro-Credentials for Lifelong Learning
  • Can the co-creation of micro-credentials better activate the potential for lifelong learning?
  • How to sustain funding schemes for lifelong learning through Micro-Credentials?
  • How do micro-credentials help employers/employees with upskilling and reskilling?

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