Challenges and Opportunities of Micro-Credentials In Europe

What do students know about micro-credentials? Is there any university out there providing short learning programmes and accrediting them with modern, digital and stackable ECTS-compliant credits? What do EU regulators expect to update the accreditation systems in 2025? Is the corporate sector interested in micro-credentials?

The MicroHE team has spent hours in the second half of 2019 in interviewing nearly 50 representatives from students through HE representatives to regulators and employers in order to have an overall idea of their knowledge and expectations about this topic.

The briefing paper “Challenges and Opportunities of Micro-Credentials In Europe” is a comprehensive but synthetic report with the findings of this set of interviews, developed by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano with the help of DHBW and all the MicroHE partners.

Hopefully, it identifies the areas in which current European recognition instruments fall short and either provide better explanations on how to use those instruments in the context of micro-credentials and suggest optimisations to the instruments supporting micro-credential provision.

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