Scope of Micro-Credentials in Europe

Understanding current levels of provision, strategies and future plans with regards to micro-credentials (Survey results are available here).

Future Impacts of Modularisation and Micro-Credentials on European Higher Education and list of validated scenarios

The MicroHE partnership set out to conduct a futureforesight exercise that utilises a raft of forecasting techniques in a form of a Delphi methodology. The activity essentially aimed at scenario building to map the likely impacts of microcredentials on Higher Education Institutions, the education sector and the wider society as a whole. The Delphi study consisted of 4 stages, with the intention of answering the research question of “How will further modularisation of education impact Higher Education Institutions in 5 to 10 years from now?“. Multiple perspectives were considered (pedagogical, technological, organisational and learners benefits) through the analysis of four themes.