It is already a tradition that EDEN delivers its satellite virtual event in the frame of the Open Education Week (organised by Open Education Global, previously known as Open Education Consortium).

KIC was invited to contribute to this session on 3 March 2020 12:00-13:30. During his presentation Anthony F. Camilleri provided an introduction and analysis of existing tools, technologies, practices and standards and envisaged how these, if combined smartly and creatively, could help open education modules earn equal treatment and recognition as their traditional counterparts.

Anthony also highlighted a few European initiatives for their special focus and efforts, namely the new Europass, OEPass, MicroHE and ECCOE, while the two subsequent speakers, Chiara Carlino from Cineca, Italy and Piet Henderikx from EADTU, listed a few more that aim to facilitate the recognition of open, online and flexible higher education and increase trust in technology-enabled credentials among students, higher education institutions (HEIs) and employers.

If you missed the webinar or would like to review the presentations, the recording is available here.

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