Goodbye from MicroHE

In November 2020, at the end of an unforgettable year of challenges and hardships, but also a year of remarkable demonstrations of resilience and people’s and organisations’ adaptation to extreme changes in the environment where we live and work, MicroHE has reached its contractual end. During the 36 months of our project’s implementation we have seen a lot of progress and promising initiatives in the area of micro-credentialisation – in higher education and beyond. This includes the launch of the European Skills Agenda, with its first implemented action, the new Europass platform, that is the most impactful uptaker of the MicroHE meta-data standard (as it is noted here). Another action of the European Skills Agenda, the European approach to micro-credentials, that will help to open up learning opportunities to citizens and strengthen the role of higher education and vocational education and training institutions in lifelong learning, is another high-level initiative that we helped shape by participating in expert consultations. We couldn’t be more proud of the influencing role our project played on European level.

Overall, while the MicroHE legacy lives on in other related projects that MicroHE partners continue working on, our official work has been completed. We would like to express our gratitude to all who have contributed to our success and share the list of our public deliverables to anyone who wishes to consult them. The website has now been taken over fully by the MICROBOL project, but you can still reach us by filling in this contact form.

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