0xcert Protocol Solution in MicroHE

The day before the 3rd face to face MicroHE partner meeting 0xcert CEO, Kristijan Sedlak, has joined some of us to discuss how their technological expertise and the 0xcert Protocol Solution could help achieve our ambitious goals.

Why Blockchain in Education?

Like any other industry, public services are subject to the evolution of technology and IT, as well as influenced by digitization of internal systems and operations. To address this issue, the Expert Workshop brought together the field experts to discuss the advancement and applicability of technology in the realm of higher education.

What can 0xcert Bring to the Table?

Together with MicroHE partners, Knowledge 4 All Foundation (K4A) and the Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI), 0xcert is building a blockchain-based system for issuing and management of academic credentials, leveraging blockchain qualities of traceability, security, and ease of authentication.

Also, by implementing the NFT (non-fungible token) technology, the uniqueness, meta-data, and identity related to a certificate can be securely protected on a ledger while providing all involved parties with a simple, autonomous, and intuitive means of management.

Kristijan Sedlak presented the 0xcert Protocol and its application for academic credentials publicly for the first time in Malta, discussing the vision of the final tech solution jointly with colleagues from MicroHE. Both the customized 0xcert Protocol and the front-end interface mock-up (developed to explain how the portability of micro-credentials could be facilitated) were received with great appreciation and enthusiasm.

The original blog post of 0xcert expresses gratitude for the opportunity to do their first public presentation in front the MicroHE partnership, but we feel just as proud and excited about this collaboration as they do. Kristijan, thank you for joining us in Malta.

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